Things are picking up again…

21 May

…It’s that time of year!!  First Thursday this month was terrible, because it was just way too windy, and we could barely set up our stuff and not that many people came.  Although a bunch of friends came to see me which was wonderful!! 🙂 Next month’s First Thursday is fast approaching, and I am hoping it will be a lot better… In the meantime, lots of stuff is happening…I will be going to Astoria, OR this weekend (Memorial day weekend!!) for the Sunday market, and the weather forecast is sunny (although not super warm), so y’all should come!! 🙂

Also, I took some photos to Tender Loving Empire and the Bush Barn Art Center (in Salem) over the weekend, as well as brought some new ones to Nobal Home.  So now I’m in 2 stores and a gallery!! 🙂  Y’all should go visit 🙂  Hopefully they do well at TLE, as they don’t really carry photography, so it’s kind-of a “trial run”.  I also signed up for the art show at work, so I have to figure out what photos to print for that. 

Life gets crazy about this time of year, but it’s all super exciting! 🙂

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