Exciting things!

13 Dec

I have a couple exciting updates!  The first is that I entered a contest, and one of my photos was selected to be part of a gallery show that took place in San Diego, and will be published in a book coming out next year with all the other winners.  Yay!  You can see the winning photos here; mine is #13 if you do not care to go through all of them, although you should, since they are amazing.  The contest was for Instagram and Hipstamatic photos only, called The App Wars.  I feel so honored to be selected among a bunch of amazing photographs/photographers.  And it’s super cool that they’re all iPhone/Android photos!

Photo courtesy ANTRY

Photo courtesy ANTRY

Second, but no less exciting, I am international now!  A home/furniture store in Japan, ANTRY, found my photos on a visit to Portland, and after a couple months of communication/ production, the photos are finally in their store!  The photos on this post are the display of my photos in their store.  I also feel especially honored to be selling in their store, and to have international business now!  I think I’ve used a lot of exclamation marks in this post, but I’m SUPER excited about both of these things!!! 🙂  Now we will have to see what comes next!

Photo courtesy ANTRY

Photo courtesy ANTRY

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