Wedding decorations

31 Jan

Wedding decorationsOne of my first iPhone/Hipstamatic photos ever.  I got an iPhone for Christmas, I had already heard about Hipstamatic, I downloaded it right away, and it’s been my preferred form of iPhoneography ever since.  This, as the title suggests, is from a wedding.  I was still in the experimenting stage.  Although, I might always and forever be in the experimenting stage.  I guess that’s how things happen.  This was the REALLY experimenting stage though.  Also the time period where you were unable to frame your Hipstamatic shots; you tried to estimate approximately with the viewfinder but what came out wasn’t what you saw.  Not knowing what you’re going to get is kinda like an adventure, but now since I’m allowed to have control, I use it. No more adventures (except sometimes shake to randomize) 🙂

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