Retro lighter

12 Feb


I was giving my friend/hairdresser photography tips the other day while waiting for my color to set. 🙂 He is interested in photography and asked me about the photo he took of this lighter, which was just a straight on shot, so I imparted what little technical knowledge I have. I basically only know the rule of thirds, which I in fact rarely make a conscious decision to use, and then all my non-technical knowledge of what makes a composition look good, trying to figure out how to explain it since I don’t know any technical terms. This was my example photo of a more interesting composition, which I explained that my general technique is to get fairly level with the subject, find an interesting angle, and shoot along it. I thought I gave him a terrible lesson, but when I saw him later that day, he had been practicing and had some great photos. Success! 🙂

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