12 May

ogglHere is my little shout-out to Hipstamatic’s new app, Oggl.  The app was just released within the past few days, so I’m still experimenting with it and figuring it out.  It is a photo sharing app, but with the Hipstamatic gear.  I’m not going to explain Hipstamatic to you, but if you’re familiar with it already, the biggest new feature with Oggl is that you can change the gear you use after you take the photo.  This is helpful as more of an editing feature, but of course kind-of “defeats the purpose” of the original Hipstamatic app where you don’t know exactly how your photos will turn out, and you wait to see what you get.  However, you can still shoot that way if you want, but you do have the option to change it afterwards if you’d like, so I definitely see it as more pros than cons.  In addition, from the sound of everything so far, it seems that Oggl is supposed to be a more elite photo sharing app.  They mention a lot about “curating”, and you can pay to subscribe so that you have access to all the gear, and then you will get new gear every month.  I’m pretty excited about it; I think it has a lot of potential.  I do have some issues with the app though; it’s not very intuitive, although I think I’ve figured everything out by now – help forums are, well, helpful. 🙂 I and a few others are having issues with not getting any notifications.  stuff like that.  I’m guessing it is probably going to be a lot like the original Hipstamatic app, where casual users hate it, but those of us that know the quality of the photos and community is amazing, and we will suffer through the bugs because we know it’s worth it.

So anyways, here are a couple samples of what I’ve done so far.  And if you would like a code to sign up for the app (since it’s currently invitation only), I have 2 remaining to give to friends, so give me your email address and I’ll send one to you.  Enjoy!


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