Open House!

24 May

Open house tomorrow at my acupuncture place. They’re super cool, the event sounds awesome, and they will be displaying/selling some of my photos! If you’re in the Portland area, go check it out!! 🙂

Mill e Moto

open houseWe hope you can all make our open house Saturday, May 25th from 1-5. It’s a farmer’s market day so why not come early, meander through the Beaverton Farmer’s Market and then join us at 1pm. We will have sushi platters, various Chinese and Japanese teas, a little music, art for sale, a raffle and chair massage.  For those adventurous types, Misako’s parents will be making Takoyaki. What is Takoyaki you ask? It’s a round octopus dumpling made in a specially shaped cast iron pan (below); it is a favorite traditional Japanese street food.  You will have to come to the open house to see how they are made and try them hot. They are quite delicious!  Never fear, for those who are a bit weary of octopus, we can make other vegetarian types, although I don’t think we can call them Takoyaki because “Tako” means octopus. See you all…

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