Whale Watch & Tide Pool Festival

30 Jan

I’m a little behind schedule on posting these, because they actually needed a bit of editing since conditions weren’t perfect that day.  I just made them clearer and brighter, basically.  It was plenty sunny and lovely, but apparently not in the way that the camera likes it.  Picky camera.  I’ve also been doing a lot of not editing photos; going everywhere, taking a lot of photos, and just doing whatever else I preferred to do.  So I have a bunch of pending posts that I need to put up!  Anyways, the Whale Watch & Tide Pool Festival was a couple weekends ago, at the Cabrillo National Monument.  I had actually not been up there before, and it’s an amazing view!  I will definitely be going back another time, probably when it’s not so crazy busy.  I also still need to check out the tide pools.

We almost didn’t see any whales, but someone else saw one and pointed it out to us, which was pretty exciting because we were just about to give up!  The photos of the whale are at the end, and even with the telephoto lens I have, it was just way to far away to be able to see it clearly.  I mean you can see it, but it just looks like a blob.  You can see the water spout on most of the pictures, though!  I’m actually going on a whale cruise tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some better photos for y’all!

Click any of the photos to view them larger.

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