Orange County Fashion Show

3 Mar

I got a press pass to photograph this fashion show, put on by The Model Experience.  I was super excited!  I love fashion and my dreams have always centered around the fashion industry.  I wanted to be a designer, but I don’t know how to sew; I wanted to be a model, but I’m too short; I briefly entertained the idea of being a fashion photographer.  I love going to shows though, and I’m beyond thrilled if I can go for free, get a good view, and take photos!  My goal this year, as I mentioned before is actually to get a press pass to the San Diego Fashion Week, so this is progress towards my goal!

Since this was my first time photographing a fashion show, other than as an audience member, I didn’t know what to expect from my camera, and although I tried to set it up in advance as best I could, you can’t really imitate the actual show to get a perfect feel for it.  You also can’t really make adjustments as you go, because it goes fast!  So while I’m pretty pleased overall with my photos, I didn’t get every single shot I wanted.  I believe I only missed one model, so I’m sorry to that person!  My camera also decided to act up pretty much every single time the designers came out, so I have only a few of the designers.  At least I have some ideas of what to do differently next time!

Click any of the photos to view them larger.

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