RAW San Diego

20 May

artist_flyer_ee5cf7b331986d28036d438f43eea784I’m a bit late on posting this, since it’s happening TOMORROW!!…Time has been flying by though!  If any of you have been following me/my blog for a while, you know that I did a RAW show in Portland last year.  Since I did that show, I get an “out of state” show for free, as a perk.  Which worked out fantastically, since I moved to San Diego not too long after my show in Portland. 🙂  I have been working on building up my arsenal (ha) of San Diego photos, and I’m pretty excited that I have a bunch now (that I also need to post on here).  I have several canvases, but I also just started making some normal prints for this show.  I was mounting them on wood blocks before, but I don’t currently have the space to do that, and I am working on figuring out how to get the wood blocks now.  We’ll see if I decide to do that again.  For now, though, I have 8×10″ and 11×14″ prints, at what I think are pretty darn good prices. 🙂

The show will be at the House of Blues in San Diego, 6-10pm May 21.  Details on the photo to the right, and I linked the photo to my artist profile page where you can get tickets if you would like to attend the show.  The one I went to in Portland was a lot of fun, and I hear there will be an aerial performance artist at this one, so it should be SUPER awesome!

The photos below are my new stuff/what I will have at the show, with the exception of the canvases.  I got new business cards from MOO.com with my updated info, my new Square reader that is a chip reader (yay technology!), and my new prints in their new print rack for display, as well as my cute boxes that I put old 6×6″ and 8×10″ photos in that I’m clearancing out for $1 and $5 each, respectively.  They are mainly Portland photos.

If you are in San Diego, please come visit me and check it out! 🙂

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