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Canvases on Etsy!

12 May

Hey, everyone!  I finally posted some canvases on Etsy!  I have 7 canvases in stock, and they are all for sale on Etsy right now.  The photos in this post are the photos that are for sale, so if you like them, go check out the canvases!  Additionally, I am getting ready for my wedding and moving to San Diego, so your purchase would be MUCH appreciated, and you can feel good about helping us towards those things. 🙂 Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

Cathedral Park

6 Jan


Cathedral Park under the St Johns bridge in Portland is also amazing (the bridge is amazing). I hadn’t been there but had seen people’s photos, and knew I needed to go but it’s out of my way enough to need an actual planned trip. I went for the first time this year to see Trek in the Park, which is another story, but didn’t check out the whole area. We decided to do our engagement photos there, and it turns out there are a ton of amazing views. Since I was being photographed, I didn’t really take many photos, so I will have to go back.



St Johns Bridge

24 Feb

St Johns Bridge 1

The St Johns Bridge, Portland, OR.  A while ago, I believe 2 summers ago (so not really that long ago), I had not ever been to the St Johns Bridge.  It’s not in my neighborhood; there was no reason for me to go that far north.  A customer at First Thursday told me I should go take pictures of it.  I filed that in my mind, and finally went, although I can’t exactly remember when.  My “real camera” was dead at the time, so I took a bunch of Hipstamatic shots, which you can find amongst the Portland photos.  When I revived my camera, it was one of my priorities to go take photos of.  Since it’s winter, there aren’t many nice days, so I have been able to go twice, although the first time (2nd photo) turned out it was nice everywhere except there.  2nd trip had luscious clouds (1st photo), and was more of a success.  I have more photos from each trip, but I edit them a few at a time.  🙂

St Johns Bridge 2


13 Feb

Ok, I need your help.  I bought a Living Social deal for a three canvas set.  Unfortunately, I can only afford one right now, since I don’t know if anyone actually wants to buy it.  So, I need to know which photo I should use (and hey, here’s your first opportunity to see photos from my “real camera”, with the exception of the ones in the banner, and if you’ve visited my Facebook page).  So here are the options, and let me know which you like best!  Or, if you would like to purchase one of them (3 – 12″ x 18″ canvases), I can sell it for $250, but you’d have to let me know within the next 4 days!! 🙂

portland b/w portland

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