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A week in clouds

25 Jun

So the clouds last week were CRAZY. I already posted some sunset photos, but I got some great day cloud photos every day, so I wanted to post one from each day. So here is my week in clouds.








Note that I HATE clouds when they cover the whole sky, but when they look awesome like this, fantastic. Also, some days had multiple amazing cloud shots, and it was hard to choose.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

22 Jun


This week’s photo challenge. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not very good at doing them. I intend to every week, but just don’t think about it enough. I did not take this photo for the purpose of the challenge, but when looking at it later, realized it would be perfect. The clouds have been crazy amazing this week, I will probably be making a cloud-a-day post for the week shortly. You can also check out my last post of some of the sunsets this week. I just can’t get over the sky!!

Chasing sunsets

20 Jun





These are the result of me chasing one evening’s sunset. The first is by my house, but then I was heading downtown, and decided it would be perfect from this point that overlooks the city. However, I took the wrong turn, and was driving around the hill, and made it back into an area I was familiar with by chance. So not the view I wanted, but I got some good photos along the way. I think next time I can remember the way to the lookout spot. Maybe. Also, FYI, I am addicted to sunsets, and I have mini freak-out sessions every time I am driving while the sunset is amazing and I can’t take photos. One time I was waiting for the sunset and my camera and phone BOTH died, and I tried to drive back home to charge really quick and back out to the spot, and I missed the sunset. I cried. Yeah. That happens.


21 May


I hate cloudy days, but when there is some blue sky, and the clouds look cool, I’m crazy about them.


I am drawn to the sea

10 Mar

The sea


St Johns Bridge

24 Feb

St Johns Bridge 1

The St Johns Bridge, Portland, OR.  A while ago, I believe 2 summers ago (so not really that long ago), I had not ever been to the St Johns Bridge.  It’s not in my neighborhood; there was no reason for me to go that far north.  A customer at First Thursday told me I should go take pictures of it.  I filed that in my mind, and finally went, although I can’t exactly remember when.  My “real camera” was dead at the time, so I took a bunch of Hipstamatic shots, which you can find amongst the Portland photos.  When I revived my camera, it was one of my priorities to go take photos of.  Since it’s winter, there aren’t many nice days, so I have been able to go twice, although the first time (2nd photo) turned out it was nice everywhere except there.  2nd trip had luscious clouds (1st photo), and was more of a success.  I have more photos from each trip, but I edit them a few at a time.  🙂

St Johns Bridge 2


The City is at War

21 Feb

The City is at War

Title courtesy Cobra Starship.  This picture just seems to me what that might look like…mainly because of the angry clouds.  The angry, beautiful, perfect clouds.  So…I’m incredibly pleased with myself right now.  Sorry if that sounds egotistical, but, as an artist, that doesn’t happen often.  I can like my work, but rarely am I like “Wow, this is amazing.” RARELY.  I REALLY hope you like this photo as much as I do.  I’m not quite sure how much time I spent on it, but it was something close to ridiculous, continuously changing tint/temp/hues/saturation/highlights/shadows.  And some other stuff.  Also, since I missed the real sunset due to my camera battery dying and trying to drive home as fast as possible during rush hour and drive back downtown, and just completely missing it, and crying, I think I did a pretty good job of making the clouds better than they were.  So, I hope you like it, and if so, you should buy it. 🙂

Oh, and this is with my new lens, working on editing/posting more photos.  Although I have a bunch more from this location, and I’m not sure I want to touch them, because I don’t think I can get them this good…oh well.

AND, since I said I edited it, if you are wondering, I use Lightroom, no Photoshop.

Sunsets / Skies

2 Aug

Sunsets / Skies

Ok, I can’t put tags on new pages that I make, so no one ever sees them, so I’m making a post to announce it, so that I can put tags 🙂  I just (finally) went through all my photos and pulled out all the sunsets/sky photos and posted them.  Yay!  So here’s a link, or you can click the picture to the right 🙂  Enjoy!!

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