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San Diego Tet Festival

11 May

Working my way through some more photos!  This is the San Diego Tet Festival, the Vietnamese lunar new year celebration.  I went to it the same day as I went to the Chinese New Year festival, but the weather got substantially worse, and there weren’t very many people there.  It was the last day, so hopefully more people went to the previous days!  I also did not spend much time there, since it was so miserable, but it looked like it was a good festival.  There were many fun decorations, and there was a singing contest going on while I was there.  There was also a tiny goat petting area, and a lot of tasty looking food!  I wished I had more room in my stomach, but I had also gotten food at the Chinese New Year festival.  From their website, it looks like they had a lot of different events going on throughout the festival.  I am looking forward to going back again when hopefully the weather is a lot better!  Bonus: there was a rainbow, though. 🙂

Chinese New Year

8 Apr

We had many Chinese New Year celebrations in San Diego, but this was from the San Diego Chinese New Year Food and Cultural Fair in the Gaslamp District.  It wasn’t huge, but it had some great food, great vendors, and great performances!  There were some activities geared towards kids, too, so a great family-friendly event.  Photography-wise, it was one of our only cloudy days, but I like the soft lighting, for a change! 🙂

Poway Winter Festival

14 Jan

This was my first visit to Poway, and unfortunately I still don’t really know what it’s like, since it was dark out.  The winter festival was fantastic, though!  I didn’t do much except take photos, because there were a ton of kids there, so the lines were pretty long.  But who wouldn’t want to have a snowball fight, go sledding and ice skating, be snowed on, and roast marshmallows, in Southern California?!  The vendors were all great too!  Personally, I had a fantastic crepe.  It was definitely a great family event!

Note: I cannot be held responsible for the fact that the small human ice skating in an orange jacket and red pants was ridiculously cute, and my camera would not stop taking photos of him.

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11 Jul


I actually just took this photo for the purpose of posting it on Facebook and announcing that I had received this letter with these photographs. It’s my family, but most importantly, my mother, who died when I was a baby. I have some distant-ish family that has sent me photos a couple times, and it makes me really happy. But anyways, I like how this photo turned out, so here it is.

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