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Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase

14 Sep

Hey, I managed to get the spring showcase photos done before the actual fashion week! Just barely though… I was hoping to be able to go to fashion week this year, possibly as a photographer, but I was trying to build up my portfolio before I applied, and then never got around to applying. Now there are about a million things going on at the same time, so it’s not so convenient…will make more of an effort next year! Since I am on the email list though, I found out about all the wonderful events they had throughout the year, and while I unfortunately missed most of them, I did get to go to this spring showcase, which was so much fun! At least I’m not totally missing out this year 🙂  Fashion Week San Diego starts October 1st, for any of you that might be interested.

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Orange County Fashion Show

3 Mar

I got a press pass to photograph this fashion show, put on by The Model Experience.  I was super excited!  I love fashion and my dreams have always centered around the fashion industry.  I wanted to be a designer, but I don’t know how to sew; I wanted to be a model, but I’m too short; I briefly entertained the idea of being a fashion photographer.  I love going to shows though, and I’m beyond thrilled if I can go for free, get a good view, and take photos!  My goal this year, as I mentioned before is actually to get a press pass to the San Diego Fashion Week, so this is progress towards my goal!

Since this was my first time photographing a fashion show, other than as an audience member, I didn’t know what to expect from my camera, and although I tried to set it up in advance as best I could, you can’t really imitate the actual show to get a perfect feel for it.  You also can’t really make adjustments as you go, because it goes fast!  So while I’m pretty pleased overall with my photos, I didn’t get every single shot I wanted.  I believe I only missed one model, so I’m sorry to that person!  My camera also decided to act up pretty much every single time the designers came out, so I have only a few of the designers.  At least I have some ideas of what to do differently next time!

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Fade to Light: A Multidimensional Fashion Event

28 Feb

Fade to Light- A Multidimensional Fashion Event (11 of 57)

First fashion show with the new lens.  It was a little finicky, so I think at least half of the looks I didn’t get any good photos of, but some of them turned out great!  I didn’t edit them at all, there wasn’t much I could do to make them better, and it would have been a lot of time for not much result.  So here are my favorites, the rest of the photos can be found on my Facebook page here.  The event, by the way, was absolutely amazing, and extremely unique and creative.  The designers were “encouraged to think outside the box regarding their runway presentation,” and it was FANTASTIC.  The clothes were wonderful.

Fade to Light- A Multidimensional Fashion Event (55 of 57)


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