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Announcement time!

15 Jan

joshua tree w (3 of 10)Hello to my wonderful followers, all 200+ of you!  I just recently passed the 200 mark, and I was super excited but also have been very busy, and couldn’t figure out exactly how I should announce it/celebrate, so I didn’t post anything about it yet.  Today’s post is actually to announce something else… That my main website is now hosted with a different company, so this is no longer lysbleudesigns.com, and that website is different, although mostly the same.  I installed WordPress over there and imported everything from here over to there, but I am in process of updating the site, so some things will be changing.  My Hipstamatic photos are only available on here, not there.  I will be making all my posts over there though, and not really doing anything new here.  So, please GO THERE AND FOLLOW ME!!  The one thing I didn’t think about when switching everything is that now that I finally hit the lovely 200 follower mark, I am losing every single one of you and starting over at zero there.  BOOOOOOO!!  So please, please, please spread the love over to the new site!

I am going to try to repost my posts over there on here, so that I don’t abruptly cut everything off for you all, but I have not tried that yet so I cannot guarantee that it will work.  I think it should though, but just follow the new one now and you won’t have to worry about it! 🙂

I love you all and you are wonderful, thank you for your support here!

*I included a lovely photo from our recent trip to Joshua Tree, to further tempt you over to the new site, because I will be making a post there with more of those photos. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

16 Oct

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Alright y’all… This is my FAVORITE thing to photograph.  I don’t post as many of them, because I’m never sure if other people like them as much as I do, but seriously, my favorite thing in the world to take photos of is “ordinary” things.  I am very detail-oriented, so I notice little things that others often do not.  In addition, I find almost everything beautiful.  Give me something “boring”, and there’s a good chance I can pick out something about it that I find beautiful.  And then cry about it, because I cry about beautiful things.  Yup, that’s me…cries about everything.  It’s great!

I had a hard time choosing one photo for this challenge, as you might guess from what I just said…I might have to make my own regular posts of (extra)ordinary things!  I just took this photo yesterday, so I choose it because it was my most recent (extra)ordinary thing, and one I hadn’t edited yet.  I was also excited to have a use for these fabulous mushrooms, because I wasn’t sure what to do with them otherwise. 🙂 I absolutely hate mushrooms as a food, I keep trying but I have not yet found a mushroom that I like, but I am completely fascinated by them, and tend to freak out when I find some.  Just look at them!!  Aren’t they fantastic?!

mushrooms w (1 of 1)

Garden Party of the Century

8 Oct

Anything that has this name, of course I had to go! Since this year is Balboa Park’s centennial anniversary, they are doing a bunch of special things all year long, and a big floral party was one of them. I unfortunately had to miss most of it, but did get to see this one small part of it. You can’t go wrong with flowers!

Click any of the photos to view them larger.

Coronado Flower Show, part 2

29 Sep

This is the second and last set of photos from the Coronado Flower Show, the first is here.

Coronado Flower Show

28 Sep

As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE flowers.  I have never been to a show that was just flowers, so I was pretty excited to go to the Coronado Flower Show.  It was AMAZING!!  I’ve never seen so many flowers in one place, and there was a great variety of different types of displays, including tiny arrangements, table settings, children’s creations, etc.  There was even some live music!  This is my first post out of two, because I have so many photos!


27 Sep

Here is a random picture of flowers. 🙂 Flowers are my favorite, and I need to work on posting more of my individual photo edits on here, so here’s a start!flowers w (1 of 1)

San Diego County Orchid Society Winter Show

19 Mar

The title on this is pretty self explanatory, ha.  It’s the San Diego County Orchid Society‘s Winter Show. I’m a little behind on posting this, since it’s almost time for their spring show.  I thought I was going to spend a lot of time editing the photos so I put it off, but I didn’t.  Orchids are one of my favorite flowers, and I have tried to have them in my house before, but since I have a black thumb of death and they’re one of the hardest plants to take care of, they of course died.  Now, however, I want to try plumeria, which sound even more difficult.  I’m a flower sadist, I guess.  I LOVE flowers though, and I didn’t even have a clue there were this many varieties of orchids!  So gorgeous.

Hornblower Whale Cruise

5 Feb

I went on a whale-watching cruise with some friends with Hornblower.  This was an AMAZING experience. We saw dolphins, gray whales, and a super playful humpback! The gray whales are a little hard to see, but the dolphins and humpback were quite obliging. Plus, to top it all off, we got a rainbow when we came home, probably to complete the perfect day.  It was my first whale-watching cruise, so I don’t know if this was a typical experience, but we did hear from the crew that it was pretty unique.  So I can’t guarantee that if you go, it will be this amazing, but it was a lot of fun and worth a try!  Plus you can also just come back and enjoy my photos if you don’t get as good of a show as we did. 🙂

Click any of the photos to view them larger.


Golden Leaf

24 Sep


Testing out new Hipstamatic gear. This uses the new purple flash with the Mabel lens. I LOVE that combo, but somehow the effect it had on this leaf was magical. Or maybe it was a magical leaf…?



1 Jul

edits w (1 of 1)-11

Rose. Because that’s how we roll in Portland.

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