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San Diego

15 Sep

Here are some new photos from San Diego!!  I ordered canvas prints of the two skylines, and I have some more canvases to order, so I’m trying to figure out which ones to print.  If y’all have any input, I would love it!  None of these are for sale on Etsy yet, but I have some previous California photos on there (as well as Portland and one Seattle), if y’all would like to check them out, here!

As usual, click on the photos to see them full size. 🙂


19 Aug

I am now located in San Diego, so I am working on taking photos of this area, so I can start selling down here.  I’m not sure that San Diegans want to buy photos of Portland… I am going to focus on my bigger canvas prints right now, instead of the small wood blocks, since I don’t even know how I can get those wood blocks now.  I have been super busy with the move, getting a puppy, and finally going on our honeymoon, so I haven’t done much yet, but I am looking forward to start some serious photo-taking!  Especially since I don’t have a “real” job now… 

So here are the first three photos that I have printed on canvas!  Click each to view larger.


Erica and Jeff part 2: the Wedding

28 Oct

They got married! (I have couples photos of Erica and Jeff here – they were not engaged yet, but almost)  I wasn’t the official photographer, but I did some shots of decorations and getting ready, and captured a couple magical moments of dancing in the sunset. 🙂  I’m so excited for them!


Legacy Graduation

31 Jul

My first event photography!  Was actually a pretty fun event to be attending, even without photographing it…they had super yummy food.  Didn’t take any photos of that…I probably should have.  So for the event, I did candid shots of people chatting, then a “photobooth”, but I don’t have a remote, so I took the photos myself on my tripod, and then photos of the ceremony.  Conditions for the ceremony were not ideal, so I am only posting one of the group shots after they all received their awards.  This is a small sample.  Click the images to see them larger! 🙂



1 Jul

edits w (1 of 1)-11

Rose. Because that’s how we roll in Portland.


14 May

Claudia’s photos are finally done!!  She’s gorgeous, and that is all.  Enjoy! 🙂

I don’t even know.

10 May


The above title is due to the fact that I have no idea what to title this post.  The pictures above are obviously of a runner.  It was actually my first collaboration I was asked to do with/for a friend for something he is working on.  However, long story short, this friend was more of an acquaintance, and I did not make a contract, and it did not go well.  He had no understanding of how to interact with a photographer, and it basically just blew up.  I have no idea if he is even going to use the photos now.  So, first experience shooting action shots, and lesson learned: always make a contract.  Now, to work on a generic contract…


Erica and Jeff

10 Apr

Erica was the second person that asked me for a photo shoot, and then she wanted me to take photos of her with her man, so here is my first couples’ photo shoot. 🙂



29 Mar

Finally finished editing all the photos from my first official photoshoot.  “Official” practice photoshoot, that is.  Lucky for me, Tessa is fantastic at modeling/posing, so my lack of knowledge in that arena did not affect this shoot. 🙂 Here is a sampling of some of my favorite shots.  You can click the photos to view them larger, and all of the edited photos can be viewed on my Facebook page here.


Portrait photography

6 Mar

PJay w (1 of 2)

I am making my foray into portrait photography.  I haven’t really ever been able to do it, because camera phones don’t do people much justice, and neither did the old lens on my “real camera”.  Now, however, I have the potential to take decent photos of people, so I am practicing.  This shoot was an impromptu one, dictated by the conditions of: sunshine, my favorite wall in Portland, and my friend just got a new awesome sweater thing.  I have girlfriends that have previously expressed desire to do photo shoots before, so I have a few planned photo shoots coming up too.  I don’t know how to pose people, which I gave them that disclaimer, so we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

PJay w (1 of 1)-2

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