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Huntington Beach

9 Oct

Surf City, USA!  One of my favorite beach towns.  I only spent a little bit of time there this trip, because I was just trying to take photos of surfers.  I got to capture a beautiful sunset too though!  I will most likely take more photos there in the future, since I love going there. 🙂

I suppose, for those of you that might travel there but have not yet, maybe you might like some recommendations on things?  I’m no expert on HB, but from what I do know, they have a Tuesday market thing, with a bunch of art and some farmer’s market type stuff also.  In addition, the surf shops have big sales, with many items 50% off.  I totally recommend going on a Tuesday. 🙂 They do have the sales other days too, but I’m not sure of the specifics on that.  Many weekends I think, possibly Fridays.  It’s a happening town. 🙂  Also, if you like sushi, I love Sushi on Fire!  That’s all for now, I have to explore it more myself 🙂

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La Jolla

21 Mar

I’m finally finishing my photography day trip!  I mean, I finished the trip, but I posted some of the photos (here and here) a while ago and I’m finally posting the final set.  I kept putting off editing these because I love them so much, I wanted to spend the time making sure they were all perfect.  I’m SO happy with how they turned out!  Not trying to brag or anything, sometimes you love your photos so much that you’re amazed that you even took them.  I think maybe they took themselves?  🙂  Anyways, this is my favorite set of photos to date, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The beginning is from Windansea, because I didn’t finish editing those before I posted the last set.

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Bird Rock + Windansea

13 Feb

So my blog post got deleted…and while it wasn’t long, I can only write things once for them to be good.  😦 Anyways…this is a continuation of my photography day trip from Tourmaline to La Jolla.  Granted, it’s not that far, but when you’re a photographer and freak out about everything and take a million photos, it takes a while…

I love Bird Rock, but haven’t really explored it much beyond the Bird Rock Surf Shop and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.  It’s a super cute area, and definitely worth checking out more!  Since I didn’t take many photos there, I decided to combine them with the Windansea photos, which actually are missing a few, because I just could not bring myself to edit any more, but I wanted to get them posted for y’all, because I probably won’t edit the rest until next week.  I haven’t been to Windansea much; this is only my second time, which is funny because I have been to the La Jolla area many times, since before I moved down here.  So I’m not too knowledgeable about it, and I’m not sure what it’s defining features are beyond the cute little hut.  On this particular day, however, the surf conditions were bad at Tourmaline and great at Windansea, so I was pretty excited to get some awesome surfing photos!

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10 Feb

I took a trip to the La Jolla area for a photo day, starting at Tourmaline. I’m posting each area separately, so as to not overwhelm you (or me). The conditions at Tourmaline were not ideal for surfing, but great for windsurfing and kiteboardng, as you can see!

Hornblower Whale Cruise

5 Feb

I went on a whale-watching cruise with some friends with Hornblower.  This was an AMAZING experience. We saw dolphins, gray whales, and a super playful humpback! The gray whales are a little hard to see, but the dolphins and humpback were quite obliging. Plus, to top it all off, we got a rainbow when we came home, probably to complete the perfect day.  It was my first whale-watching cruise, so I don’t know if this was a typical experience, but we did hear from the crew that it was pretty unique.  So I can’t guarantee that if you go, it will be this amazing, but it was a lot of fun and worth a try!  Plus you can also just come back and enjoy my photos if you don’t get as good of a show as we did. 🙂

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Whale Watch & Tide Pool Festival

30 Jan

I’m a little behind schedule on posting these, because they actually needed a bit of editing since conditions weren’t perfect that day.  I just made them clearer and brighter, basically.  It was plenty sunny and lovely, but apparently not in the way that the camera likes it.  Picky camera.  I’ve also been doing a lot of not editing photos; going everywhere, taking a lot of photos, and just doing whatever else I preferred to do.  So I have a bunch of pending posts that I need to put up!  Anyways, the Whale Watch & Tide Pool Festival was a couple weekends ago, at the Cabrillo National Monument.  I had actually not been up there before, and it’s an amazing view!  I will definitely be going back another time, probably when it’s not so crazy busy.  I also still need to check out the tide pools.

We almost didn’t see any whales, but someone else saw one and pointed it out to us, which was pretty exciting because we were just about to give up!  The photos of the whale are at the end, and even with the telephoto lens I have, it was just way to far away to be able to see it clearly.  I mean you can see it, but it just looks like a blob.  You can see the water spout on most of the pictures, though!  I’m actually going on a whale cruise tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some better photos for y’all!

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New camera + lens = Surfing pics!

14 Nov

First things first: I got a new camera!!  It was my Christmas present from my hubby, obviously a little early! 🙂 Since I haven’t had a new camera (other than my iPhones) for about 5 years, it’s a vast improvement.  Sony a7R – 36 megapixel (vs 10), full-frame heaven.  You will get to see the improvement if you follow me for future posts! 😉 I also got new lenses, and since the adapter to use Nikon lenses on a Sony camera costs about the same as my beloved 50 mm f/1.4 lens, I just got a Sony one.  I also got a telephoto lens – 55-200mm I believe, not that amazing but I’ve never had a telephoto lens before, so it opens up a whole new world of opportunity for me.

The reason we just got a cheap telephoto lens is because I really only wanted it for two things; number one being the moon (you’ll have to wait for a new post), and then number two for surfing photos.  I mainly care about the moon, but surfing is an added bonus.  My dad then recruited me to take photos of him surfing, because he has been asking me to do that since he started surfing.  I have not included any of him here because (don’t tell him) he’s not that great and therefore not that photogenic…but these are the other surfers I photographed while I was taking photos of him.  Plus a sea lion.

From Swami’s. Click any of the photos to see them larger.


19 Aug

I am now located in San Diego, so I am working on taking photos of this area, so I can start selling down here.  I’m not sure that San Diegans want to buy photos of Portland… I am going to focus on my bigger canvas prints right now, instead of the small wood blocks, since I don’t even know how I can get those wood blocks now.  I have been super busy with the move, getting a puppy, and finally going on our honeymoon, so I haven’t done much yet, but I am looking forward to start some serious photo-taking!  Especially since I don’t have a “real” job now… 

So here are the first three photos that I have printed on canvas!  Click each to view larger.


San Onofre

16 Feb

San Onofre

Surfing mecca.  Perfect day.  Perfect view.



6 Feb


So, I already posted this photo, but I was unaware that if you put more than 15 tags, no one will see your post.  Since I just figured this out today, and I posted this several days ago, I am reposting (with less tags).  So, sorry to those that have already seen it.  Here’s what I originally said:

I love you, California. ❤

I don’t really have a story for this one. I was chilling at Huntington Beach, and this surfer was checking out the surf. Voila, perfect photo op. Thank you, random surfer.

Also, since I live in Portland, people here aren’t that into my California shots. So I want someone to appreciate them… 🙂