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What’s in a name?

19 Nov

This is me trying to be clever with my post title. Also, I am doing this new thing called “just writing a post”, instead of posting photos and writing about them, or giving you an update on things. I wanted to share my thoughts with you all on what it means to be a Photographer.

When I first started selling my photos at street fairs/craft fairs, I was only selling photos I took with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.  I had also never previously considered myself a “photographer”,  because I had always only taken photos for my own personal enjoyment, so I was pretty insecure in my validity as a “photographer”.  People would always ask me how I took the photos, what I used, etc.  I was very hesitant to tell people I took them on my phone, for fear they would think less of me.  Most didn’t seem to care, and thought it was cool, but some did in fact think less of me.

The one I always remember, and the one responsible for my introspection and self-realization (thank you, sir), was an older man.  He said something along the lines of, “so anyone with an iPhone could take photos like these.”  It really bothered me at the time; I probably said something agreeing with him, but it didn’t help me feel like a photographer.

So I spent a lot of time thinking about that.  I’m not sure how long it took, but at some point, I realized that, along his line of reasoning, anyone that just buys fancy photography equipment can take the same photos as a professional photographer.  As I’m sure you all know, that is completely ridiculous and not true.  It helped me to understand, however, that equipment a photographer makes not – as Yoda might say.  A Photographer is someone that has that extra special touch – an eye for composition, lighting, anything that makes a photo “good”.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the equipment, although with progressively better equipment, you should be able to get progressively better quality photos, or be able to do some cool things, etc.  People that can’t take good photos with nice equipment also won’t be able to take good photos with iPhones – at least not consistently, and vice versa.  Good photography has very little to do with the equipment and much more to do with all those things that cameras can’t do themselves, and need a person to do.

I have also heard of/from people that use old equipment – such as fancy film camera set-ups and develop their own film – that they look down on people that use digital cameras and probably especially iPhones, and think it isn’t real photography.  This goes along completely with my previous paragraph…if the equipment is what is important, then you yourself are not really a photographer.  If you have to have a certain type of equipment, and you can’t take photos with any other type of camera, then your equipment is doing all the work for you.  If you prefer a certain process, that’s great, but you shouldn’t look down on anyone that prefers something else.  The only thing that defines a photographer is their ability to capture a good shot, no matter what they use.  And if someone fancies himself/herself a photographer because they take millions of photos on Instagram, but they aren’t actually good, they’re still not a photographer.  Yes, there is way more access for people to take photos now, but there is still a level of skill that makes someone a good photographer, and it doesn’t matter if they are using Instagram or not.

For me, I finally decided I was a Photographer because enough people told me that they liked my photos, and that I had a good eye.  I don’t know where the actual line is, or how to define it, but it is certainly not equipment.

RAWartists: Spectrum

3 Apr

artist_flyer_10a099489f323d9b3d19694d98dbe190News!  I will be participating in the RAWartists show in Portland April 17, Spectrum.  I am moving to California, so this will be my last show in Portland.  Please come to the show, if you are in the area!  I will have my usual Hipstamatic/Oggl photos (basically everything that’s on here) printed on wood blocks, but I also printed a few large canvas prints from my Nikon.  The event will be a lot of fun, with visual art, fashion shows, performance art, musicians, hair and makeup shows, etc.  Tickets can be purchased from my profile, or by clicking the photo to the right.  I would LOVE if other Hipstamatic photographers in the area would come say hi!  And anyone else, of course. 🙂

Cathedral Park

6 Jan


Cathedral Park under the St Johns bridge in Portland is also amazing (the bridge is amazing). I hadn’t been there but had seen people’s photos, and knew I needed to go but it’s out of my way enough to need an actual planned trip. I went for the first time this year to see Trek in the Park, which is another story, but didn’t check out the whole area. We decided to do our engagement photos there, and it turns out there are a ton of amazing views. Since I was being photographed, I didn’t really take many photos, so I will have to go back.



Hollywood Theater

15 Dec

I can’t pick a favorite, so I present you with…The Hollywood Theater. Portland, OR. 🙂







New Portland photos!

5 Dec

Portland new w (72 of 95)I posted some new photos!  A couple weekends ago it was gorgeous and sunny, and not TERRIBLY cold (like it is now).  I have barely any photos of the East Side of Portland, and I was over on that side for something else, so I decided to drive around and stop whenever I wanted to take photos.  Normally I drive places and see things I want to take photos of but can’t stop, which is a very upsetting thing for a photographer.  So this was my opportunity to stop whenever I saw something.  I rearranged the gallery so the new ones are at the top, so you don’t have to scroll through the whole thing or scroll all the way to the bottom (but check out the others if you haven’t seen them yet!) Photos are on the Portland page here or you may click the photo to the right to get there also.  Enjoy! 🙂



14 Oct

Weekend in Chicago.  Such a pretty city!  Didn’t want to post a ton of them individually, so here is a gallery for you. 🙂



8 Oct


This for some reason was not the right direction when I took it. As in, apparently the app had not rotated in the right direction. I’m not sure why. I’m pretty confused, actually, because I didn’t think the app rotated. So maybe it did rotate, in the wrong direction. Anyways, I’m leaving it for now, because it’s intriguing. Also, I like signs.


Golden Leaf

24 Sep


Testing out new Hipstamatic gear. This uses the new purple flash with the Mabel lens. I LOVE that combo, but somehow the effect it had on this leaf was magical. Or maybe it was a magical leaf…?


12 Aug


Taken at a First Thursday show. I couldn’t really figure out if tho display was a semi-permanent thing and the other art was the First Thursday show, or if this was part of the show. Regardless, I thought it looked super cool. Also, took me forever to wait for a clear shot with no people in front.


6 Aug


Just walked by this near Pike’s Place. It was epic. Something super beautiful about clothes floating in the breeze, especially stretched all up across buildings. The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, since it freezes it and thus makes it rigid, but I still like how it turned out. 🙂

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