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Announcement time!

15 Jan

joshua tree w (3 of 10)Hello to my wonderful followers, all 200+ of you!  I just recently passed the 200 mark, and I was super excited but also have been very busy, and couldn’t figure out exactly how I should announce it/celebrate, so I didn’t post anything about it yet.  Today’s post is actually to announce something else… That my main website is now hosted with a different company, so this is no longer lysbleudesigns.com, and that website is different, although mostly the same.  I installed WordPress over there and imported everything from here over to there, but I am in process of updating the site, so some things will be changing.  My Hipstamatic photos are only available on here, not there.  I will be making all my posts over there though, and not really doing anything new here.  So, please GO THERE AND FOLLOW ME!!  The one thing I didn’t think about when switching everything is that now that I finally hit the lovely 200 follower mark, I am losing every single one of you and starting over at zero there.  BOOOOOOO!!  So please, please, please spread the love over to the new site!

I am going to try to repost my posts over there on here, so that I don’t abruptly cut everything off for you all, but I have not tried that yet so I cannot guarantee that it will work.  I think it should though, but just follow the new one now and you won’t have to worry about it! 🙂

I love you all and you are wonderful, thank you for your support here!

*I included a lovely photo from our recent trip to Joshua Tree, to further tempt you over to the new site, because I will be making a post there with more of those photos. 🙂

Spanish Village Art Center

18 Aug

spanish village (1 of 6)I updated my business address on Facebook to show that I am located at Spanish Village Art Center! I have been setting up there on and off for a few weeks now. I love it! I am trying to be there Tuesdays, Fridays, and then either Saturday or Sunday. For those of you that actually want to seek me out, I am going to try to tweet the days that I will be here, because I don’t want to crowd this page with those posts. Find me on twitter here or @bluelily52

Thank you all for your support, and I can’t wait to see you at Spanish Village! 🙂

News!! Exciting news!!

3 Jul
Here is a photo that I just printed to sell, to catch your attention :)

Here is a photo that I just printed to sell, to catch your attention 🙂

Alright, first off, I haven’t been doing much (well, anything really) for about a month.  I mean, photography/business-wise; I’ve been doing quite a lot of other things.  My husband came home from deployment a month ago, and I had a bunch of business craziness right before that, so I took a break to get ready for him to come home, and I guess I’ve been on vacation pretty much since then. 🙂  It’s about time to get going again, as I will hopefully be starting a new “chapter” (I hate clichés, but oh well) ASAP!  This also relates to my craziness a month ago, which leads me to…

I have been accepted into the Spanish Village Art Center at Balboa Park!! I applied in April-ish, and the jury was May 30, right after my RAW show, and right before my husband came home.  So I knew since then, but I just haven’t posted anything.  I am still waiting on one more thing so I can start selling there, which is maybe good that it has taken so long, so that I got my nice little break.  I did buy a couple more things to get my set-up prepared, so I worked a TINY bit, but I don’t really need to do anything else until I actually start selling photos there, so I’m just waiting on my last piece.  Hopefully it will come soon!  I’m REALLY hoping for next week, because I really want to get started out there!

For you San Diego people or people that are familiar with Balboa Park/Spanish Village, you probably understand how excited I am about this.  If you have no idea what it is, it is an AMAZING opportunity.  I posted before about how I was going to look into becoming a photojournalist, but this opportunity actually gives me the chance to do what I’ve been doing all along, and do what I love most, which is taking photos of whatever I want to take photos of, and selling them.  Balboa Park is basically tourist central of San Diego, besides the beaches.  And since San Diego is already a pretty tourist-y area, that’s a very high traffic location for me.  I will be just setting up on the patio, so while setting up and taking down every day isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do, I get to just sell photos pretty much whenever I want to.  I have no idea how it will go, but it has AMAZING potential and is basically the best chance I personally can think of to do what I want to do, but do it full time and possibly actually be able to make a living off of it.  And I’m still my own boss!  I was sooooo worried I wasn’t going to be accepted, because the opportunity seems too good to be true.  Like I said, I hope I get that last piece so I can start selling there and see how it actually goes!

I am not sure what days I will be there yet, but I am going to try to be there most days.  If I work out a set schedule, I will post it on here.  Hopefully any of you that are in the area will come visit me though!

RAW San Diego

20 May

artist_flyer_ee5cf7b331986d28036d438f43eea784I’m a bit late on posting this, since it’s happening TOMORROW!!…Time has been flying by though!  If any of you have been following me/my blog for a while, you know that I did a RAW show in Portland last year.  Since I did that show, I get an “out of state” show for free, as a perk.  Which worked out fantastically, since I moved to San Diego not too long after my show in Portland. 🙂  I have been working on building up my arsenal (ha) of San Diego photos, and I’m pretty excited that I have a bunch now (that I also need to post on here).  I have several canvases, but I also just started making some normal prints for this show.  I was mounting them on wood blocks before, but I don’t currently have the space to do that, and I am working on figuring out how to get the wood blocks now.  We’ll see if I decide to do that again.  For now, though, I have 8×10″ and 11×14″ prints, at what I think are pretty darn good prices. 🙂

The show will be at the House of Blues in San Diego, 6-10pm May 21.  Details on the photo to the right, and I linked the photo to my artist profile page where you can get tickets if you would like to attend the show.  The one I went to in Portland was a lot of fun, and I hear there will be an aerial performance artist at this one, so it should be SUPER awesome!

The photos below are my new stuff/what I will have at the show, with the exception of the canvases.  I got new business cards from MOO.com with my updated info, my new Square reader that is a chip reader (yay technology!), and my new prints in their new print rack for display, as well as my cute boxes that I put old 6×6″ and 8×10″ photos in that I’m clearancing out for $1 and $5 each, respectively.  They are mainly Portland photos.

If you are in San Diego, please come visit me and check it out! 🙂


20 Aug

So I realized there are a bunch of things I need to post…I’m not going to post them all at the same time, but I will give them to you one at a time. 🙂  First up, for participating in RAW Artists Portland back in April, I got a video!  It’s sorta an interview, but since they don’t put the questions in there, it’s basically me talking about my art.  So check it out to hear more about my photography, what inspires me, etc, and to see a little of it!

I was hoping they would edit out more of my “um”s and such, but oh well… 🙂

Video by Jordan Markus

Canvases on Etsy!

12 May

Hey, everyone!  I finally posted some canvases on Etsy!  I have 7 canvases in stock, and they are all for sale on Etsy right now.  The photos in this post are the photos that are for sale, so if you like them, go check out the canvases!  Additionally, I am getting ready for my wedding and moving to San Diego, so your purchase would be MUCH appreciated, and you can feel good about helping us towards those things. 🙂 Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

RAWartists: Spectrum

3 Apr

artist_flyer_10a099489f323d9b3d19694d98dbe190News!  I will be participating in the RAWartists show in Portland April 17, Spectrum.  I am moving to California, so this will be my last show in Portland.  Please come to the show, if you are in the area!  I will have my usual Hipstamatic/Oggl photos (basically everything that’s on here) printed on wood blocks, but I also printed a few large canvas prints from my Nikon.  The event will be a lot of fun, with visual art, fashion shows, performance art, musicians, hair and makeup shows, etc.  Tickets can be purchased from my profile, or by clicking the photo to the right.  I would LOVE if other Hipstamatic photographers in the area would come say hi!  And anyone else, of course. 🙂

Cathedral Park

6 Jan


Cathedral Park under the St Johns bridge in Portland is also amazing (the bridge is amazing). I hadn’t been there but had seen people’s photos, and knew I needed to go but it’s out of my way enough to need an actual planned trip. I went for the first time this year to see Trek in the Park, which is another story, but didn’t check out the whole area. We decided to do our engagement photos there, and it turns out there are a ton of amazing views. Since I was being photographed, I didn’t really take many photos, so I will have to go back.



Hollywood Theater

15 Dec

I can’t pick a favorite, so I present you with…The Hollywood Theater. Portland, OR. 🙂







New Portland photos!

5 Dec

Portland new w (72 of 95)I posted some new photos!  A couple weekends ago it was gorgeous and sunny, and not TERRIBLY cold (like it is now).  I have barely any photos of the East Side of Portland, and I was over on that side for something else, so I decided to drive around and stop whenever I wanted to take photos.  Normally I drive places and see things I want to take photos of but can’t stop, which is a very upsetting thing for a photographer.  So this was my opportunity to stop whenever I saw something.  I rearranged the gallery so the new ones are at the top, so you don’t have to scroll through the whole thing or scroll all the way to the bottom (but check out the others if you haven’t seen them yet!) Photos are on the Portland page here or you may click the photo to the right to get there also.  Enjoy! 🙂

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