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San Diego

15 Sep

Here are some new photos from San Diego!!  I ordered canvas prints of the two skylines, and I have some more canvases to order, so I’m trying to figure out which ones to print.  If y’all have any input, I would love it!  None of these are for sale on Etsy yet, but I have some previous California photos on there (as well as Portland and one Seattle), if y’all would like to check them out, here!

As usual, click on the photos to see them full size. 🙂


20 Aug

So I realized there are a bunch of things I need to post…I’m not going to post them all at the same time, but I will give them to you one at a time. 🙂  First up, for participating in RAW Artists Portland back in April, I got a video!  It’s sorta an interview, but since they don’t put the questions in there, it’s basically me talking about my art.  So check it out to hear more about my photography, what inspires me, etc, and to see a little of it!

I was hoping they would edit out more of my “um”s and such, but oh well… 🙂

Video by Jordan Markus

Canvases on Etsy!

12 May

Hey, everyone!  I finally posted some canvases on Etsy!  I have 7 canvases in stock, and they are all for sale on Etsy right now.  The photos in this post are the photos that are for sale, so if you like them, go check out the canvases!  Additionally, I am getting ready for my wedding and moving to San Diego, so your purchase would be MUCH appreciated, and you can feel good about helping us towards those things. 🙂 Click here to go to my Etsy shop!

RAWartists: Spectrum

3 Apr

artist_flyer_10a099489f323d9b3d19694d98dbe190News!  I will be participating in the RAWartists show in Portland April 17, Spectrum.  I am moving to California, so this will be my last show in Portland.  Please come to the show, if you are in the area!  I will have my usual Hipstamatic/Oggl photos (basically everything that’s on here) printed on wood blocks, but I also printed a few large canvas prints from my Nikon.  The event will be a lot of fun, with visual art, fashion shows, performance art, musicians, hair and makeup shows, etc.  Tickets can be purchased from my profile, or by clicking the photo to the right.  I would LOVE if other Hipstamatic photographers in the area would come say hi!  And anyone else, of course. 🙂

Cathedral Park

6 Jan


Cathedral Park under the St Johns bridge in Portland is also amazing (the bridge is amazing). I hadn’t been there but had seen people’s photos, and knew I needed to go but it’s out of my way enough to need an actual planned trip. I went for the first time this year to see Trek in the Park, which is another story, but didn’t check out the whole area. We decided to do our engagement photos there, and it turns out there are a ton of amazing views. Since I was being photographed, I didn’t really take many photos, so I will have to go back.



Hollywood Theater

15 Dec

I can’t pick a favorite, so I present you with…The Hollywood Theater. Portland, OR. 🙂







New Portland photos!

5 Dec

Portland new w (72 of 95)I posted some new photos!  A couple weekends ago it was gorgeous and sunny, and not TERRIBLY cold (like it is now).  I have barely any photos of the East Side of Portland, and I was over on that side for something else, so I decided to drive around and stop whenever I wanted to take photos.  Normally I drive places and see things I want to take photos of but can’t stop, which is a very upsetting thing for a photographer.  So this was my opportunity to stop whenever I saw something.  I rearranged the gallery so the new ones are at the top, so you don’t have to scroll through the whole thing or scroll all the way to the bottom (but check out the others if you haven’t seen them yet!) Photos are on the Portland page here or you may click the photo to the right to get there also.  Enjoy! 🙂


Erica and Jeff part 2: the Wedding

28 Oct

They got married! (I have couples photos of Erica and Jeff here – they were not engaged yet, but almost)  I wasn’t the official photographer, but I did some shots of decorations and getting ready, and captured a couple magical moments of dancing in the sunset. 🙂  I’m so excited for them!



14 Oct

Weekend in Chicago.  Such a pretty city!  Didn’t want to post a ton of them individually, so here is a gallery for you. 🙂



8 Oct


This for some reason was not the right direction when I took it. As in, apparently the app had not rotated in the right direction. I’m not sure why. I’m pretty confused, actually, because I didn’t think the app rotated. So maybe it did rotate, in the wrong direction. Anyways, I’m leaving it for now, because it’s intriguing. Also, I like signs.

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