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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

16 Oct

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Alright y’all… This is my FAVORITE thing to photograph.  I don’t post as many of them, because I’m never sure if other people like them as much as I do, but seriously, my favorite thing in the world to take photos of is “ordinary” things.  I am very detail-oriented, so I notice little things that others often do not.  In addition, I find almost everything beautiful.  Give me something “boring”, and there’s a good chance I can pick out something about it that I find beautiful.  And then cry about it, because I cry about beautiful things.  Yup, that’s me…cries about everything.  It’s great!

I had a hard time choosing one photo for this challenge, as you might guess from what I just said…I might have to make my own regular posts of (extra)ordinary things!  I just took this photo yesterday, so I choose it because it was my most recent (extra)ordinary thing, and one I hadn’t edited yet.  I was also excited to have a use for these fabulous mushrooms, because I wasn’t sure what to do with them otherwise. 🙂 I absolutely hate mushrooms as a food, I keep trying but I have not yet found a mushroom that I like, but I am completely fascinated by them, and tend to freak out when I find some.  Just look at them!!  Aren’t they fantastic?!

mushrooms w (1 of 1)

Flower face

12 Jan

Flower faceThis photo was an accident.  A “happy accident”, as you might say.  I was taking photos of flowers and randomizing my settings, and this one is a double image.  I hope you see the face too; it looks so much like a face to me that it almost creeps me out. 🙂  It reminds me of the flowers in Alice in Wonderland, or the guys in Pirates of the Caribbean that were turning into sea creatures.  It just fascinates me.  It’s like when something creates itself out of your art that you weren’t intending, and it’s magical.

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