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Erica and Jeff part 2: the Wedding

28 Oct

They got married! (I have couples photos of Erica and Jeff here – they were not engaged yet, but almost)  I wasn’t the official photographer, but I did some shots of decorations and getting ready, and captured a couple magical moments of dancing in the sunset. 🙂  I’m so excited for them!

Hydrangea Series

26 Jul


These are all from my mom’s yard. Heavenly.



1 Jul

edits w (1 of 1)-11

Rose. Because that’s how we roll in Portland.

Summer update

3 Jun

Yes, I realize it is not summer yet, but this is an update for the summer, so you know all my most recent news, and current plans. 🙂

As far as updates go, I delivered a bunch of new Portland 8×10″ photos to Tender Loving Empire, and I delivered a bunch of photos to The Blue Scorcher in Astoria.  I haven’t given them any new photos for a while, and they were running low.  They are working on how to display them, because their old display wasn’t working out, so I’m not quite sure when the photos will be up, but they were delivered this last weekend. 🙂 AND, my photos are now being displayed/sold at a new location; Mill-e-Moto, which is where I get acupuncture.  It’s a husband and wife, and they’re both great and very nice, so I recommend checking out my photos, and checking them out for acupuncture!  I have been seeing awesome results so far, so I super super recommend it. 🙂

For the future, this summer I am not doing First Thursday (or Last Thursday), or any street fairs, for that matter, except the Mississippi Street fair.  Since I have photos at so many locations, and it’s pretty time-consuming to do the street fairs, I thought I would just enjoy the summer and possibly enjoy the street fairs as a spectator, or go do other things.  The Mississippi Street Fair, however, is huge, and fantastic, and I have always sold the most there, so I have reserved a spot.  So if you would like to come see me, check out the link; it’s an amazing street fair, and you should definitely come!  It is July 13th.  Their website currently isn’t doing them much justice…just trust me, you want to come. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

29 Mar


The second farmer’s market of the year. The promise of spring; flowers, and summer; berries. Sunshine, beautiful colors, wonderful tastes. The promise of everything that I love.

I am trying to do these earlier, but it’s just not working. So, again, this is last week’s challenge. 🙂


10 Feb


This is another photo from the perfect, glorious, beginning of fall day that seemed like an end of summer day. The setting sun cast a golden glow on the fountain, and the children playing in it. It was perfect.


Summer’s end

6 Feb

Summer's end

I love this photo. I’m not sure if other people love it as much as I do, but for me, the whole thing was magical. It was one of my first [Hipstamatic] photos taken with my iPhone 5, so it was taken at the beginning of fall. It was, however, a warm, sunny day, so for Portland, it felt like it was still summer. The end of summer. Now, I love summer more than anything, so the end of summer is an incredibly bittersweet thing for me. So I was downtown, enjoying the sun and taking in the city by myself, savoring one of those last glorious days. The children were playing in the fountain, and I was trying out photos on my new phone. This was a randomized setting, and also since I shot it from the bench, it was somewhat blindly framed. I love how it turned out. I love the composition, black and white, and the action of the little girl playing. It LOOKS like a fun memory, and it was. I accidentally captured the magic of that day, and I will always remember how perfect it was when I see this photo. Oh, nostalgia.

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