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MotorCars on MainStreet Car Show

30 Sep

I love cars.  If y’all haven’t figured that out already… I particularly love old cars.  I mean…I love super fancy cars too, but your average car now is definitely not as awesome as your average vintage car.  Therefore, vintage car shows are particularly fantastic, such as this one.  It’s the Coronado car show (although not the Coronado Speed Festival, which actually took place two weekends ago, and I missed due to being at Disneyland for Dapper Day!  So many things), and there were so many amazing vintage cars!  It was such a fun car show.

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Dapper Day Spring 2015

12 May

I discovered Dapper Day through the clothing store Unique Vintage, and I’m super excited that I did. They do it in 3 different locations, but the one I went to is the one at Disneyland.  This one worked out great for me because I was already heading up to Santa Ana to shoot a fashion show the same day.  So I unfortunately didn’t get to dress up, since I didn’t want to draw attention to myself as a photographer at the fashion show later, but I got to attend the expo and see a bunch of cute outfits, watch some dancing with a live band, and do a little bit of shopping.  We are already working on plans to actually go to Disneyland for the fall Dapper Day, and I’m super excited!  The hubby needs a vintage outfit though, I’ve got plenty. 🙂

I would totally recommend checking out their website and attending one!

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Horseless Carriage 1915 SD Road Race Centennial

11 Jan

I didn’t know about this until the day before it happened, and didn’t know anything about the race, so I missed that.  It was fun to see all the cars and the awesome outfits that people wore, though!  I love the description on the event page for this, so I will just paste it here for you to read:

On Jan. 9, 1915, AAA and Al Bahr Shrine sponsored a 300 mile road race over a six mile course around Point Loma on roads that exist to this day.

Earl Cooper in Stutz #8 won the race averaging over 65 mph. Only 5 cars finished the grueling route out of 18 cars that started. Racing cars in those days carried a driver as well as a mechanic. Other notable drivers were San Diegan William Carlson, who finished 2nd, Barney Oldfield, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Bob Burman.

On the morning of the great race, an estimated 20-50,000 people spread out along the course to watch the spectacle. The San Diego Union newspaper proclaimed, “It was the greatest throng ever seen at one event in San Diego, excepting, perhaps, the opening of the exposition.” For more information see the 2009 U-T Article “Point Loma site of wild automobile race in 1915″. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2009/nov/19/point-loma-site-of-wild-automobile-race-in-1915/

On January 10, 2015, this event will be commemorated by the San Diego Horseless Carriage Clubs with a living history car show and tour over the original race course featuring a procession of race cars and horseless carriages. #SDExpoRR

At 10:30 am, the road worthy cars from the show will arrive at the Starting Line at Elliot St. and Rosecrans St. for a ceremonial start. Lead by race cars the caravan will drive one lap of the race route arriving back at the starting/finish line. After the ceremonial lap, the tour will proceed back to Balboa Park for the rest of the car show where drivers and their families will describe the cars and participate in a living history of a 1915 era outing to in the park.

I didn’t edit any of the photos, because I would never get anything posted if I had to edit everything, so these are all as-shot.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did seeing them!

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Books 35¢

10 Apr

Book sign

One of the aforementioned best-selling photos, as it relates to books. Portlanders love books, but apparently so does everyone else. It’s also one of the photos ANTRY ordered. I, personally, love the color, detail, and texture in this photo. I’m a sucker for vintage things and rust, so…yeah. I had to take this photo. And glad I did! 🙂

Retro lighter

12 Feb


I was giving my friend/hairdresser photography tips the other day while waiting for my color to set. 🙂 He is interested in photography and asked me about the photo he took of this lighter, which was just a straight on shot, so I imparted what little technical knowledge I have. I basically only know the rule of thirds, which I in fact rarely make a conscious decision to use, and then all my non-technical knowledge of what makes a composition look good, trying to figure out how to explain it since I don’t know any technical terms. This was my example photo of a more interesting composition, which I explained that my general technique is to get fairly level with the subject, find an interesting angle, and shoot along it. I thought I gave him a terrible lesson, but when I saw him later that day, he had been practicing and had some great photos. Success! 🙂


Hawthorne Bridge

22 Jan

Hawthorne BridgeThis was one of my earliest Hipstamatic photos.  No, it is not from ’81.  That’s an effect of the film.  It was shot from my dad’s office.  He has a perfect view but rarely works in his office.  If I worked there, I would have trouble not staring out the window the entire day.  I visited, and I stared out the window and took photos the entire time. 🙂  I love this photo because of the way it turned out, with the vintage look and all, but also because it’s one of my most popular photos, and I keep printing it because people keep buying it.

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