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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

16 Oct

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Alright y’all… This is my FAVORITE thing to photograph.  I don’t post as many of them, because I’m never sure if other people like them as much as I do, but seriously, my favorite thing in the world to take photos of is “ordinary” things.  I am very detail-oriented, so I notice little things that others often do not.  In addition, I find almost everything beautiful.  Give me something “boring”, and there’s a good chance I can pick out something about it that I find beautiful.  And then cry about it, because I cry about beautiful things.  Yup, that’s me…cries about everything.  It’s great!

I had a hard time choosing one photo for this challenge, as you might guess from what I just said…I might have to make my own regular posts of (extra)ordinary things!  I just took this photo yesterday, so I choose it because it was my most recent (extra)ordinary thing, and one I hadn’t edited yet.  I was also excited to have a use for these fabulous mushrooms, because I wasn’t sure what to do with them otherwise. 🙂 I absolutely hate mushrooms as a food, I keep trying but I have not yet found a mushroom that I like, but I am completely fascinated by them, and tend to freak out when I find some.  Just look at them!!  Aren’t they fantastic?!

mushrooms w (1 of 1)

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

22 Jun


This week’s photo challenge. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not very good at doing them. I intend to every week, but just don’t think about it enough. I did not take this photo for the purpose of the challenge, but when looking at it later, realized it would be perfect. The clouds have been crazy amazing this week, I will probably be making a cloud-a-day post for the week shortly. You can also check out my last post of some of the sunsets this week. I just can’t get over the sky!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

7 May


The afore-promised flower. Also, conveniently, taken from above; this week’s photo challenge. 🙂 I take a lot of my flower photos from above though, it’s my preferred angle of shooting flowers. Not so avant-garde, but I am promoting the shooting of flowers from above. In this particular shot, I love the detail of the reproductive organs (sorry, thanks to biology, I will forever think of them this way) of the flower. Actually, upon mentioning that, I prefer you view the flower in that way. This photo then becomes an intimate portrait, focusing on those most tender and personal parts. The flower’s essence is now captured by that which we normally hide, with that which we normally display only hinted at, being out of focus.

Maybe I’m crazy, but if you can think of it like I did, I would be super pleased. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

1 Apr


I managed to do the weekly photo challenge before the start of the new week, this time. 🙂 I always read them when they are posted but never actually think about doing them, but when I read this one, I realized that I should probably make an effort to do it before the last minute.  Saturday I knew was going to be a wonderful day, so I decided to document that day so that I could post photos from a day that was actually interesting.  A sunny, warm day in Portland in March is quite rare, so we enjoyed the heck out of it, and so did all of the rest of Portland.  Captions on the photos will help you figure out the photos; mouse over the photos to see the captions.  I hope you had a lovely weekend too!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

29 Mar


The second farmer’s market of the year. The promise of spring; flowers, and summer; berries. Sunshine, beautiful colors, wonderful tastes. The promise of everything that I love.

I am trying to do these earlier, but it’s just not working. So, again, this is last week’s challenge. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

22 Mar


Alright, I win the procrastination award again. I was hoping I would have a lunch worth photographing this week, but alas, I did not. We were supposed to go out for a team lunch for the March birthdays at work to PF Chang’s yesterday, which would have been perfect, but that got postponed due to half the team being gone. So here is my birthday-lunch-at-work. Lovely, isn’t it? Although, this frozen mac and cheese from Trader Joe’s is ridiculously amazing, hence why it was selected for the birthday lunch.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

15 Mar


I’m a little late in the game on this one…I have TONS of previous photos that could qualify as “my neighborhood” for last week’s challenge; so much so that it was absolutely impossible for me to pick one so I could post this before this week’s challenge was posted. I obviously am bad at remembering to take new photos…I’m a procrastinator. However, this shot is from this morning. The view of my neighborhood from my window, inspired by the glorious sunrise leaking through. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

7 Mar


As a general rule, I’m always “lost in the details”. I’m incredibly detail oriented when it comes to anything and everything. When it comes to photography, that’s my general modus operandi. As long as I’m paying attention, I notice just about everything, and love to take photos of things/details/perspectives that most others don’t notice. So when I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge, I was like, “Perfect!” However, this week I have been mostly not paying attention. It has been a crazy/stressful/uncool week. I knew today was the last day though, so I opened my eyes. These photos are from the bushes right outside the door at work. It also helps that today is sunny.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

27 Jan


I love this photo partially just because of how it looks; from their faces to the fact that the background is blurred to the coloring. But also what I love is everything that’s captured in this moment that is more than just visual.

I’m posting this photo as part of the weekly photo challenge, which I’m not sure if I will continue, but this week the topic is Love, which I *love* (see my other blog). 🙂 It’s supposed to be my own interpretation of love, so the reason I chose this photo is because it is at a wedding, but it is the bride and her father. Weddings are all about the love of the bride and groom for each other, but there’s another story behind it. Dads are absolutely crazy about their daughters, and the act of giving their daughter to another man is a HUGE act of love. They always want to protect their daughters, so giving her up is on the one hand a sacrifice, and on the other hand an act of trust. Trust in the daughter that she has chosen a good man, and trust in the groom that he will protect the daughter.

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